Haan..Main Alcoholic Hoon! :P

A humorous insight to the harmful after-effects of excessive consumption of alcohol.

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The Warrior King !

Let a good one rip ! 😛 😀

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

When a person feasts,he feels like a king.I would say when whatever he has eaten is successfully and completely out with or without any external effort,he feels a warrior king! 😀

With the changing lifestyle and eating habits,Constipation has become one of the most common and annoying problem suffered by people of all ages.Some people openly admit it.The others give excuses like ‘i had a lot in dinner’ or ‘the food is not good’ to hide the embarrassing problem.

But there is a famous dialogue that says ” Staya chupaye nai chupta”.:P. So,when the motorcycles in the stomach start with Grrrrs and Brrrrs in front of people,then the only options one is left with is to either pass a sly smile or just say that he is hungry again.Pimples are yet another bloopers that indicate that something is there in the stomach.

The dismay when the burgers and cheese burst…

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The realms of loving a married guy!

Forbidden sweets !!

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

The biggest advantage of being single is..”BEING SINGLE!”You have an entire pool of handsome or chivalrous or sweet or naughty or spicy or vivacious people to be with.You can spend an amazing time with them because..Voila! You’re single and hence there are no strings attached!

The cherry on the cake is being a girl specially if you end up in a place with dearth of women like an engineering college or a techincal job.Too many people to ogle no matter how ordinary a kurta is or how frizzy your hair are.

Tragedy at a job begins when ‘you’ end up liking a guy who is married..Specially if he doesn’t have jaw dropping looks or a fat salary.But that’s the thing about love.It is “blind” :P.It doesn’t have a reason.It is clearly a “chemical locha” that makes the brain dysfunctional and eludes a person from all the realities of life.I mean…

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Growing Up!

Hush hush humour !! 😀

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Man started with a simple relationship where a man and woman were together and underwent a physical process and at some point bore an offspring and the human race continued.Then as humans evolved with time and population explosion happened  with societal crimes like female foeticide ,all the three permutations and combinations that could be formed out of the simple relationship of man-woman( man-man,woman-woman ) were explored.

As a kid,i always thought and knew that there was always just a man-woman relationship.I was one of those who would close her eyes if the the lead pair of a movie kissed and if the other person with me would be watching it,a sense of disrespect would generate in my mind for him/her because for me,smooches were always behind big flowers and a physical contact that i wasn’t supposed to see as it would maliase my mind.

Even as i grew up,this thought…

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