The realms of loving a married guy!

Forbidden sweets !!

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

The biggest advantage of being single is..”BEING SINGLE!”You have an entire pool of handsome or chivalrous or sweet or naughty or spicy or vivacious people to be with.You can spend an amazing time with them because..Voila! You’re single and hence there are no strings attached!

The cherry on the cake is being a girl specially if you end up in a place with dearth of women like an engineering college or a techincal job.Too many people to ogle no matter how ordinary a kurta is or how frizzy your hair are.

Tragedy at a job begins when ‘you’ end up liking a guy who is married..Specially if he doesn’t have jaw dropping looks or a fat salary.But that’s the thing about love.It is “blind” :P.It doesn’t have a reason.It is clearly a “chemical locha” that makes the brain dysfunctional and eludes a person from all the realities of life.I mean…

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