The cost of Emulation!

Butt-hurt ! šŸ˜›

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Summer vacations are always the most awaited vacation of all time as there is a good 30-45 long day vacation and even after tons of useless holiday homework,you can always find time to eat your parentsā€™ head to the extent that would take you out on a vacation.

As the children of an army officer,a lot of effort does not have to be put in that regard since for quite a significant time of our lives,our fathers are away at some borders saving the nation.So vacations were always a perfect time to meet them and spend some time.

This is a story when my father was Ā posted in Sikkim.One of the most beautiful places i have seen all my life.It is literally like a road separating heaven and hell as you travel with the fear of huge bare rocks falling on you amidst the valley that never fails to mesmeriseā€¦

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