It was his fifth cup of coffee since he woke up. Actually he could not even sleep properly, tossing and turning on the bed, the whole night. This turmoil, this unrest in Pappu’s mind and body is not just because of today being the Valentine’s Day but he has been so ever since Pinky broke-up with him.

For the past couple of years, he had done things just for the sake of doing them. And this worsened on the days when he used to celebrate his love for her with her. The day they met, the day they accepted each other, her birthday and the bewitching Valentine’s week. He kept on with his days thinking where she might be? What she must be doing? Does she still think about him? Will there be a day when he will meet her again? , and survived through the night with the hope that one day he will know the answer to these questions. But today he felt quaintly the worst.

As he was continuing through his sad and detached afternoon, his phone rang. It was from an unknown number. His heart skipped a beat with joy thinking that it might be Pinky and the very next second he got scared, what if it really is her. He did not pick-up the call.

His phone rang again, but this time it was his friend Lappu. Given Pappu’s condition, Lappu was worried and wanted Pappu to get out of the house and spend some time with friends so that he might feel better. After convincing for a good half an hour Pappu gave in and agreed to go with Lappu and others for a night out.

Thanks to Lappu, Pappu took a bath and shaved which he had not done the whole week.It had been a long time since Pappu has looked like Pappu. Lappu came and they both left to meet others on his motorcycle. Pappu was sitting silently behind,lost in the thoughts of Pinky and Lappu noticed it. He saw a lavish marriage hall in a distance that seemed to be hosting a grand wedding.He asked Pappu ,”Oye, samne dekh lagta hai kisika lamba kat raha hai. Bhukh bhi badi lag rahi hai. Crash karega?” During college days Pappu was an expert at crashing weddings and Lappu knew this will definitely cheer him up. Pappu agreed and they both went inside the hall.

They did not look right or left and straight away went for the buffet. After having generous servings of each and every dish that was there on their plate, both started eating. They had their stomach full and Lappu asked Pappu about how the food was.”Badi muddaton ke baad aisa Gajar ka Halwa khaya hai.”,he replied with content. Pappu thought they should leave now but Lappu stopped and told him that they will leave only after they have seen the bride. It was their rule when they crashed weddings that once they have seen the bride and have eaten the dessert then only a wedding would be considered successfully crashed. Pappu wanted to leave but how could he break the rule which he himself had made.

After sheepishly sneaking from one part of the hall to another, they found the place where the bride was. Due to excitement of seeing the bride Lappu started to dance while humming the song ‘Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai! ’. Pappu could not see the face clearly so he moved a bit closer. Finally he could see the bride’s face. The bride was Pinky!

Pappu could not believe his eyes, his face turned pale and his body started shaking. He wanted to shout and cry but just stood there. Moments passed and he gained control of his body but was still in an emotional trance. Infuriated he dragged Lappu by his shirt’s collar towards him and yelled ,”Abey Lappu sale,ye tere YAAR ki nahi mere PYAAR ki shaadi hai !” Lappu could not understand what was happening and with an honest oblivious smile he replied ,”Toh kya hua? HALWA to zordar tha na!”

Pappu realized how simple the answers to the questions he was asking for so long were.There was silence for a while, Lappu and Pappu looked at each other and burst out laughing so hard that it became everyone’s main concern whether they were from the bride’s side or the groom’s.



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  2. shilpadennis · March 14, 2016

    Very well written..Loved the cute story with an interesting Twist!

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