On the Rocks,Behind the Bushes,You will see a lot of Blushes!

PDA PDA everywhere,but not the one we think 😉

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Nature’s  has the ability to mesmerize and calm a person’s mind encompassing in its unbound beauty.The wild trees,the colorful flowers,the dead leaves,the mellifluous sound of the wind ; all recite a story of their own.

So do rocks and bushes.But they don’t just tell their stories.They are the backbone to several unforgettable love stories and live action that cannot be seen very easily publicly as well.

‘ Rita loves Pramesh ‘ , ‘ I love you Seema’ etc etc are some common engravings that you can find on monuments,rocks and sometimes even on the walls of public toilets. A brick is usually used to engrave the symbol of eternal love with a shape that is universally known to represent a heart (but can actually look like buttocks too ! ) with an arrow piercing the heart with the feeling of love. People don’t mind the damage and dirt that is…

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The ‘Essence’ of Free Gifts

Behold! The Power of Marketing ! 😀

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

‘Ek surf ke saath ef surf ka packet muft ‘ , ‘ 100 gm biscuit ke packet ke saath 50% extra free’,’ 50,000 ke laptop pe 500 ke earphones muft ‘…

The word ‘free’ attracts more customers than flowers to a bee.’Happy Hours’ , ‘ Wednesday Sabse Sasta ‘ etc would definitely welcome more visitors than probably clubs on a Saturday Night.And why not.Money saved is money earned.Only seldom people realise that these are only marketing strategies.

Applying this philosophy,people even tend to buy stuff annually.If a bucket is free with a 5 Kg packet of surf ,people end up buying an annual stock not for the surf , but for those free buckets.The consumption might be far less but the happiness of getting that 80 rupee bucket for free is worth spending a lot more than needed on surf !

Happy Hours are fairly responsible for the growing bellies…

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ANNUAL Function : The Tinsel Town!!

A happy reminiscence !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

As i was completely lost in my thoughts of an undecided future completely addled between the very less choices that I could see,my mother came and asked me to attend an annual function for which my parents were invited as chief guests.

Initially i was reluctant as I thought that time could be utilized for putting in the effort of making yet another presentation to impress someone who was least bothered about me or to read a book that might help me gain more knowledge about the world to become a leader and grow and prosper and become a learned person.But after a lot of insistence i decided to finally go and spend an hour enjoying innocence and childhood of little kids.

As i entered the school,the entire aura full of vivacity made me remember of all the good and innocent times.As the tinsel town opened,cute and adorable children danced…

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Phase 1 : Pehla Pehla Pyaar!

The innocence and beauty of first love !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Love.This is one insect which when bites you makes you feel on top of the world and makes everything around you seem beautiful with flowers blooming and sun shining but for everyone else,you clearly seem like an idiot paralysed by the effect of chemical reactions in your body!

It can be different for different people.She might be your love at first sight love or a friend you have known for long or a stranger you found on Tinder.The only connecting link is that the bond of love.

The first conversations are always the most amusing part of falling for someone as you are usually naive.You don’t know what to say,she doesn’t know what to say and then you eventually end up talking about the most stupid things you can think of hoping the conversation doesn’t end and at some point circumvents around love.You just hope the discussion of physics in…

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