Phase 1 : Pehla Pehla Pyaar!

The innocence and beauty of first love !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Love.This is one insect which when bites you makes you feel on top of the world and makes everything around you seem beautiful with flowers blooming and sun shining but for everyone else,you clearly seem like an idiot paralysed by the effect of chemical reactions in your body!

It can be different for different people.She might be your love at first sight love or a friend you have known for long or a stranger you found on Tinder.The only connecting link is that the bond of love.

The first conversations are always the most amusing part of falling for someone as you are usually naive.You don’t know what to say,she doesn’t know what to say and then you eventually end up talking about the most stupid things you can think of hoping the conversation doesn’t end and at some point circumvents around love.You just hope the discussion of physics in…

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