The ‘Essence’ of Free Gifts

Behold! The Power of Marketing ! 😀

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

‘Ek surf ke saath ef surf ka packet muft ‘ , ‘ 100 gm biscuit ke packet ke saath 50% extra free’,’ 50,000 ke laptop pe 500 ke earphones muft ‘…

The word ‘free’ attracts more customers than flowers to a bee.’Happy Hours’ , ‘ Wednesday Sabse Sasta ‘ etc would definitely welcome more visitors than probably clubs on a Saturday Night.And why not.Money saved is money earned.Only seldom people realise that these are only marketing strategies.

Applying this philosophy,people even tend to buy stuff annually.If a bucket is free with a 5 Kg packet of surf ,people end up buying an annual stock not for the surf , but for those free buckets.The consumption might be far less but the happiness of getting that 80 rupee bucket for free is worth spending a lot more than needed on surf !

Happy Hours are fairly responsible for the growing bellies…

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