On the Rocks,Behind the Bushes,You will see a lot of Blushes!

PDA PDA everywhere,but not the one we think 😉

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Nature’s  has the ability to mesmerize and calm a person’s mind encompassing in its unbound beauty.The wild trees,the colorful flowers,the dead leaves,the mellifluous sound of the wind ; all recite a story of their own.

So do rocks and bushes.But they don’t just tell their stories.They are the backbone to several unforgettable love stories and live action that cannot be seen very easily publicly as well.

‘ Rita loves Pramesh ‘ , ‘ I love you Seema’ etc etc are some common engravings that you can find on monuments,rocks and sometimes even on the walls of public toilets. A brick is usually used to engrave the symbol of eternal love with a shape that is universally known to represent a heart (but can actually look like buttocks too ! ) with an arrow piercing the heart with the feeling of love. People don’t mind the damage and dirt that is…

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