The Marriage Taboo !

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For most Indian parents , the clock of age gains momentum the moment a girl turns 21. Immediately their eyes start hunting for a prey or lets say a suitable “Suitor” in sophisticated terms. There is something about turning 21. This is with urbane parents though. For people from rural areas , the moment a girl is born,they start finding suitors and collecting money to spend more than half of their savings for that one night to impress guests who would anyways crib and on the guy who may not be worth it.

The taboo to find the ideal match themselves just doesn’t seem to go. Their compromised life where they had to adjust with the other partner irrespective of their own choices and sacrificing their own beliefs just doesn’t seem to be a lesson good enough to let a child follow their dreams and find someone that he/she likes…

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The First Date !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

It was a beautiful spring morning. Sunaina got up a little early to enjoy the splendid view. She was happy. It was the first time when she had come home after going to college. Two years of burning her ass off had finally paid as she got into one of the most prestigious colleges.But that wasn’t the reason she was happy.

She was happy because Raghav was in the city too ! He was her father’s friend son ; her own classmate in those two crazy years when she studied. He was the only one she enjoyed talking to and spending the very little time she got with . Basically , they loved each other but the burden of studies , the will to do exceptionally well and the taboo of ‘having a boyfriend is a big deal ‘ never made them confess their love and fondness for each other…

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The Enlightening Buttermilks !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

‘ Laalach buri bala hai ‘ or ‘ Greed is a vice’ . We would have heard this statement as a kid way too often but unfortunately our greed is directly proportional to our age and grows till we are either completed exhausted or when we encounter a life threatening experience gaining enlightenment on the meaning of life.

This is the story of a guy who realized not to be greedy and stuff his stomach merely  by two magical lassis( buttermilk ).

Abhimanyu was a fat but an intelligent guy . He completely believed in the concept of Eat , Sleep ,eat , sleep. For a lazy boy like him a hostel  that way 1.5 Kms from college seemed like a 5 hour long journey and so he planned well in advance before attending any class hoping to take a lift from anyone around.


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The Old Kid !!

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Life is all about unexpected changes and incidents.Some incidents change you,some of them teach you. This incident taught me : never go out of your comfort zone with a kid when you are yourself are one !!!

This was the time when I was 6 and my brother was 5.There was a beautiful park 5 – 6 kms away from where I lived.It was famous for it was well maintained,had a small hut with a resturant and a big artificial fountain with a pool at its fall which was a lot to have apart from usual swings at that time.

My mother had gone out for a meeting.Even though there was a beautiful park right outside my house, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to go there and enjoy natural beauty 5 kms away. People usually never value something that is easily accessible for whatever is not seems far…

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