The Old Kid !!

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

Life is all about unexpected changes and incidents.Some incidents change you,some of them teach you. This incident taught me : never go out of your comfort zone with a kid when you are yourself are one !!!

This was the time when I was 6 and my brother was 5.There was a beautiful park 5 – 6 kms away from where I lived.It was famous for it was well maintained,had a small hut with a resturant and a big artificial fountain with a pool at its fall which was a lot to have apart from usual swings at that time.

My mother had gone out for a meeting.Even though there was a beautiful park right outside my house, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to go there and enjoy natural beauty 5 kms away. People usually never value something that is easily accessible for whatever is not seems far…

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