The Enlightening Buttermilks !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

‘ Laalach buri bala hai ‘ or ‘ Greed is a vice’ . We would have heard this statement as a kid way too often but unfortunately our greed is directly proportional to our age and grows till we are either completed exhausted or when we encounter a life threatening experience gaining enlightenment on the meaning of life.

This is the story of a guy who realized not to be greedy and stuff his stomach merely  by two magical lassis( buttermilk ).

Abhimanyu was a fat but an intelligent guy . He completely believed in the concept of Eat , Sleep ,eat , sleep. For a lazy boy like him a hostel  that way 1.5 Kms from college seemed like a 5 hour long journey and so he planned well in advance before attending any class hoping to take a lift from anyone around.


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