The First Date !

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

It was a beautiful spring morning. Sunaina got up a little early to enjoy the splendid view. She was happy. It was the first time when she had come home after going to college. Two years of burning her ass off had finally paid as she got into one of the most prestigious colleges.But that wasn’t the reason she was happy.

She was happy because Raghav was in the city too ! He was her father’s friend son ; her own classmate in those two crazy years when she studied. He was the only one she enjoyed talking to and spending the very little time she got with . Basically , they loved each other but the burden of studies , the will to do exceptionally well and the taboo of ‘having a boyfriend is a big deal ‘ never made them confess their love and fondness for each other…

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