Phase 2 : Pyaar Mein Takraar

The "Not So Single, Happily Together" Blog!:)

The first phase described  the budding love between two novices.

After all the gooey mushy mushy romance is over comes the second phase which I would like to call the ” War Zone”.

As two individuals start getting to know each other better by spending almost all their time together neglecting everything else , they start getting to know a person beyond flowers ,cute smile , killing looks and chocolates . They start getting to know each other as a person than a filmy hero . When the drastic difference in habits , beliefs , likes , dislikes and opinions unfold , the couple slowly starts shifting from the ‘ coy mushy zone’ to the ‘war zone’ !

As every conversation starts turning to heated arguments and the long hour romantic talk is dampened by long hour incessant quarrel , the couple starts getting deeper into the war zone . The long romantic conversations turn banal as…

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