Child Birth she can Survive But She Can’t Drive !

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Gender Equality is the new thing in.We talk about it.The Government as well as the private organisations are doing their best to treat men and women equally and help women grow in all spheres.Yet there are some activities that are believed that women can’t do.One of them is “DRIVING”.She can give birth to a child,serve in the army,be a CEO but can’t drive!

The irony of life is that this isn’t just a man’s thought.Women too , tend to keep precaution with fellow women drivers.A man would be stared at if he is driving a BMW or an Audi or any of the sister luxury cars but women have an advantage here : they will be stared at even if they are driving a Maruti Suzuki 800.One horn can easily take more than a minute for the autowala  rickshaw wala to actually give a woman a side.And if by God’s…

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