Ping !

“End to End
Let it be known
As the story unfolds
A love so meaningless of a heart so lifeless
Knows the secret
The world beholds
End to End”


“Hey Saurabh ! How are you?” It was a message from Mili,a colleague from office.

Sourabh was going through the pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend.He ignored Mili’s message thinking that it would be regarding some office work.
There was no other thought in his mind than that of Maya,the misery he was experiencing while missing her was excruciating.His heart felt so heavy that he couldn’t even breathe properly.There were couple of sleeping pills left.The only way he could sleep was with the help of these little Devils.That night he braved his feelings and decided not to take the pills.Sheets rustled all night and his thoughts with them.

He would swedge with his heart,so it would let him work and carry on with his days.But whichever way he may behave at home,Sourabh was a complete professional when it came to his work.After Maya had left,his work was the only thing that gave him solace.

He was going through his tasks for the day and recalled that there was a missed message from Mili the day before.He went to her cubicle but she was not there.
Sourabh asked around and people told him that she goes somewhere during lunch hours and will only be back after that.He placed a note at Mili’s desk asking her to come and see him.Sourabh waited but Mili didn’t show up.He thought that she might not need him for the work anymore and he went home.

Couple of days passed and his night struggles with Maya’s thoughts continued.


“Hey Saurabh ! So sorry,I am on leave and a friend from office told me that you were looking for me.” Another message from Mili.

Sourabh was curled up and sulking on his bed.The vibration of the phone broke his trance.He could not sleep.

He got up,washed his face,took the phone in his hand and decided to reply.
It was unusual for him to reply to anyone while he was at home let alone a girl he worked with and never talked to in person.

Sourabh: Hi Milee. I had just come to see if you needed any help as you had texted me some days back.So what do you need?

Mili: I knew you were a workaholic bore 😛 .Can’t someone just text someone something not related to work? 😉

He did not understand what was happening.Why is she talking like this,what does she want?She should just tell him what is the work she needs to get done and leave him be.
He was instantly irritated.

Sourabh: See you don’t know me so don’t judge me ! Please tell me if you need anything or don’t disturb me !

Mili was shocked by Sourabh’s message.She decided not to reply.
Days went by and given his overthinking nature,Sourabh was getting uncomfortable as there was a mystery still why Mili had messaged him in the first place.He had also realized that the way he had talked to her was not right.He thought of meeting Mili and apologize.
He would only get time during lunch and Mili would disappear somewhere at that time.
He was getting restless.


“Hi Milee ! I am extremely sorry for my behavior earlier.Anyway can you please tell me why did you text me that day?” Finally Sourabh texted Mili.

Mili was in a fix whether she should reply or not.What if he snaps at her again? But Sourabh’s apology seemed genuine to her.

Mili: It is okay Saurabh. I’m sorry too,I should not have disturbed you.
Actually I had seen your status on Facebook,the “End to End” one and thought I should check if you are okay.Those lines were so sad ! I was worried  if this might not be your last message before you do something to yourself ! Some guy had committed suicide in my society recently just like this.So what is it,love lost or lost love? 😉

Sourabh’s irritation was gone in an instant.His heart got filled with guilt.He realized that she was just being nice.He sensed care in Mili’s words,something he has been deprived of since Maya.Suddenly he wanted to share his each and every sorrow with her.

Sourabh: First of all its ‘Sourabh’ and not ‘Saurabh’ and second why are you so interested in my affairs? 😉

The way the message had started Mili thought he is going to be rude again but the little wink at the end saved the conversation. Mili gained confidence and went on to reply to Sourabh’s message.

Mili: Arey to pehle batana tha na ! (You should have told me earlier that your name spells “Sourabh”).I’m changing the spelling in my contacts right away.
By the way its ‘Mili’ and not ‘Milee’.But I’m not a rude person like you! :O

Sourabh: Arey arey ! Relax ! Don’t get angry ! I’m not being rude ! Ladkiyon ko text kaise karte hain isme thoda kaccha hun 😛 (I’m a novice when it comes to texting girls).Waise I had asked you a question,don’t avoid that! 😉

Mili: Jhuthe ! Apni girlfriend ko text karke kucch nahi sikha? (Liar ! Didn’t you learn anything by texting your girlfriend?).And look carefully It was my question first that you didn’t answer.You answer my question and I’ll answer yours. 😛

Sourabh: Haha touché madame ! How do you know whether I have a girlfriend or not?

Mili: Ek aur question ! 😛 (Another question!).I have a sixth sense in these things 😉

Sourabh: Hehe ! Its a long and boring story.Fir kabhi fursat se sunaunga 🙂 (I’ll tell you when we have enough time)

Mili: How about at lunch tomorrow?

Sourabh: But during lunch you disappear somewhere.Where do you go?

Mili: Arey waah Sourabh babu ! You are being smart now ! Mere question bina answer kie apne question pe question pucch rahe ho ! Sabar karein samay aur halaat dekhke sab bataya jaega 😉 (Have patience Mr. Sourabh ! When time and conditions are right,everything will be known).Bring something good to eat tomorrow as I wont bring my lunch 😛

Sourabh and Mili wished each other goodnight.
The night was not over for Sourabh yet. He was lost in his thoughts again but now it was different,he knew that he won’t need the pills tonight.He felt fresh.

Next day,Sourabh woke up an hour early as he wanted to make something special for Mili. He decided to make something that he knew best,half fried egg sandwiches.

To take his mind off the wait for the lunch hours to begin,Sourabh decided to check out Mili’s Facebook profile.He went from picture to picture,status to status.The more he saw,more he got confused about what kind of girl she might be and what will he talk to her about.

Finally it was lunch,they met at the cafeteria. Sourabh was so amazed to see Mili that he did not utter a single word,he did not even say hello to her.He just started opening his lunch box.The pictures in her Facebook profile did not do justice to her beauty.Her cute face could melt the heart of even the most ruthless criminal and the way she was wearing her saree ,it seemed that Bollywood heroines needed to take tips from her.

Mili: Well Hello Sourabh babu ! Ab dabba baad mein khol lijiega aur sharmaiye nahi bata dijie ki main kitni sundar lag rahi hun ? (Please stop opening that damn box and tell me how beautiful I look today. Don’t be shy !)

Sourabh: Ab chodiye hum kya karein zikra us baat ka jo is mehfil ki har nazar aap pe theher kar bayaan kar rahi hai ! (What more can I say about your beauty,don’t you see nobody is able to take their eyes off you !)

Mili blushed.Her cheeks turned red and she started to break a sweat.She tried to control herself and after great effort only she could focus.She was pleasantly surprised.A dull,sad and rude guy that she thought Sourabh to be was turning out to be completely different.

Mili: Yaar I’m famished !

Sourabh: Please start.I hope you like it !

Mili: Sourabh babu aap to shayari karne ke saath saath pakwaan bhi acche bana lete hain ! (So you’re a poet as well as a chef !)

They both laughed.

Gradually as they filled their stomachs with delicious sandwiches,any further inhibitions that were there between them seemed to be disappearing.They talked and did not realize it was almost time to leave for home, they had forgotten to go back to their work.


“Hi Mili ! See I got the spelling of your name right 😉 Today was wonderful.Thank you for talking to me :D” Sourabh could not control and messaged her as soon as he had reached home.

Mili: Hehe ye lo SOURABH , ab khush? 😛 Arey mere saath rahoge to khush hi rahoge ! 😉 (You’ll always be happy with me !).You are a nice guy Sourabh. You are charming,intelligent and caring.Do not waste your life thinking about your past. Jao kisi ladki ki kismat chamkao ! (Go and make some girl lucky !)

Sourabh: Enough with the fake praise okay ! 😉

Mili: Theek hai mat mano ! Main jhooth nahi bolti ! O:) (Don’t believe then ! I never lie !)

A trust was built between them that night.
Day after day they would meet at the cafeteria. Sourabh would tell her about Maya. Mili would listen.And after cafeteria their conversation would continue over text messages but would not stop.

It had only been 3 weeks but for Sourabh and Mili it was like they have lived each other’s past lives in all this little time.Everyone around them wondered if it is possible to gain such an equation in such a short time.People were amazed at how Sourabh and Mili’s personality complimented each other.Every trait that one desired was fulfilled in other’s disposition. Sourabh would ask her advice on every thing that he did and Mili would share every little detail of her day with him.Winks,smiles and laughter would fill their every moment.The only thing left for them was to make it official.

Sourabh decided that he will not wait any longer and tell Mili about his feelings as soon as possible.He knew that Mili loved getting her pictures clicked.He had been taking her pictures without her knowledge for a while now. Sourabh loved photography but had lost all heart after Maya had left and his pictures had become dry.A new life was introduced in his skill as he took pictures of Mili. He was planning to propose her with a collage. Sourabh had almost completed his collage and only needed the final picture,a picture of Mili in the saree that she wore when they had first met in cafeteria.


“Will you be coming to office tomorrow ?” Finally Mili had replied to Sourabh’s messages.She had been avoiding him all day.

Sourabh: What is this Mili? Why are you not replying to my messages? Please tell me ! I’m scared !

Mili did not reply. Sourabh started calling her frantically.She did not pick up. He kept calling her.

It was happening all over again.

But this time Sourabh was determined not to give up.He went to Mili’s house straight away.He sent a message to Mili telling her that he is outside her house and he won’t cause any trouble and she should just at least reply to him and tell him what is going on.

“I’m sorry Sourabh. I can’t talk right now.Please don’t get upset, go home and sleep.I’ll see you in the office tomorrow and I promise I’ll explain everything.” Replied Mili.

Sourabh was devastated but he chose to trust Mili. He returned back and laid on the bed.His eyes were open wide and his mind filled with fear.But he kept patience though he was going mad inside.He kept looking at the clock all night.The clock struck 8.He got up from his bed,got into his car and left for office.

As soon as he reached office he went for Mili’s cubicle.There were a bunch of people gathered around her with gifts and bouquets.It was getting more and more strange for Sourabh. He could not contain himself anymore.He rushed towards Mili,grabbed her by the arm and took her to an empty corner. Sourabh looked into Mili’s eyes.Tears had started to stream down.There was silence.

Mili: Please don’t cry Sourabh. Let me tell you everything.Please stop!

Sourabh: I love you Mili ! Please ! Please ! Just tell me why? I am miserable ! You are the cruelest person I know ! Even Maya has a bigger heart than you ! I don’t know if I can survive all this again ! I’ll kill myself !

Mili: Will you shut up for a moment ? You big idiot ! Do you even know what is going on? You are such a fool that you should definitely kill yourself ! At least listen and please stop crying !
My parents have not been keeping well.I had applied for a transfer to Indore office so that I can take care of them.That is where I used to be during lunch hours,at HR’s cabin,trying to figure out how to transfer my work to Indore.
I did not know that we would come so close to each other in just a month.I was going to tell you this the very first day but somehow I kept delaying it as it was really beautiful when we used to talk and I didn’t want to ruin it.I was selfish that is why I didn’t tell you about my transfer. Later with everything I lost the courage to tell you completely.
I am so guilt ridden that I couldn’t even face you yesterday.Every time you messaged,my hands trembled.Every time you called,my voice chocked.
Don’t you understand ? I love you too !
Now you tell me what should I do?                                                                                                               I love you and I want to be with you but I will have to leave !
I know I have wronged you.You can punish me anyway you want.And if you don’t want to talk to me,I’ll understand !

Mili kept staring down. Sourabh still recovering from this emotional roller-coaster pulled her face up and while placing his hands on hers,
screamed on top of his voice,

“Arey HR walon Indore office ki openings ke interviews kab hain ?” (Dear HR people,when does the interviews for openings at Indore Office start?)


“Arey mere pyare Sourabh Babu ! Bagal ki desk pe girlfriend aas lagae baithi hai aur aap kaam karne mein lage ho.Kitne bade workaholic bore ho aap ! ;)”
(Sourabh My Love ! Your girlfriend is right next to you and you are still interested in work.Such a big workaholic bore you are !) Messaged Mili.

Sourabh turned and pulled Mili closer .He took her in his warm embrace. She shivered.

Sourabh: Ye Indore mein couples movie dekhne kahan jate hain? :* (Where do couples go for movies in Indore?)