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Why to avoid serious romantic relationships in your 20s?

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Why to avoid serious romantic relationships in your 20s? by Shilpa Jha

Answer by Shilpa Jha:

Major Reason :

You invest a lot of time in something that can be emotionally straining and can take you away from all the other creative things you can do .

Minor Reasons ( Some of them might be in resonance with the former ) :

  1. If you’re with a wrong person , it might affect your personality and your growth as an individual .
  2. There would be lesser money in your pocket .
  3. You’ll not explore new domains of knowledge or creativity due to lack of time .
  4. You might feel sleep deprived due to incessant phone calls .
  5. You might agree to things which would sound illogical to you to avoid fights .
  6. You might have to cancel your plans to give time .
  7. You might end up thinking a lot about…

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